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My name is Gabriel and I’m 25 years old from the United Kingdom. I am a travel writer extraordinaire and have been all over the world. My blog advises you on the best you can find on advice for where to go, what to expect when you get there and, most importantly, how to find bargains. Whether its luxury holidays, cheap hotels, low-cost carriers like Ryanair and easyJet, I am able to find you the flights, the hotel, the lot. Forget Expedia. Come to me.

405 thoughts on “Archangel Travel

  1. stormy1812

    thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for following – im honored! i may just take you up on how to travel for cheap cuz i really want to travel a lot more but i have lots of debt at the moment and not much coming in haha; looks like you have an awesome blog so i’ll be sure to be checkin’ in once in a while. can’t wait to see what you have coming next. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog to learn French, and this way I’ve also had the chance to discover your blog!! Do you know how to find really cheap one-way flights from the US to Paris?

  3. kingdom777

    Hi Gabriel,
    Thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it. I like your blog. You have been to lots of interesting places,and I look forward to reading more. All the best.

  4. bluebrightly

    Thank you for the follow – I won’t be traveling the way you do, but I do have plenty to look at – and photograph – in my region, so I do hope you enjoy.

  5. rtbjr1963

    Hi Gabriel, just wanted to say thanks for following my blog! I hope you find it encouraging and thought-provoking. Read your entry on taking your friend to Scotland. Great piece. That’s the land of my heritage. I hope to take my wife and visit there in the next couple of years. I may check in with you for tips and suggestions.
    Have a blessed day,

  6. thexenophilediaries

    Ah! Thanks for visiting my blog. Have you ever been to Madrid, Spain? If so, can you fill me in?


  7. dhonour

    Hi Gabriel, thank you for the follow at Wine and Cheese (Doodles). I look forward to checking out some of your travel recommendations!

  8. fersgruendling

    Hey Gabriel,
    Thanks for following! I lived in London for a year and a half a few years ago and miss it very much! Like your blog and following as well! Cheers!

  9. nicb1rd

    Thanks for following me! I love to travel too and lived in Spain for a couple years before settling down here in the States. Can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures.

  10. johannisthinking

    Hi Gabriel,
    Glad I found you! or you found me first! LOL…DId you know that you have to MANUALLY link your Gravatar to your WordPress account? I could NOT get to your blog through Gravatar. I have been finding this quite often…I have visitors but am unable to return a visit to their blog—because they fail to create a link on their Gravatar. Just thought I would let you know. Also—great blog! My daughter is just leaving for Togo, West Africa, in 10 days—so I am planning to visit her…and will return to your blog for hints on your experiences! Thank you for sharing good information, Gabriel!

  11. andreavanloon

    Thanks for following my blog ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think I will definetely use yours next time I’m gonna go on a trip again! Saw you just visited Edinburgh, which is my current home, glad you enjoyed it as it is truly an amazing city with great stories.

  12. bluedragonfliesofsorts

    Heyo Gabriel, thanks for the follow. I love your latest post about traveling to Scotland with your friend. It was great to see a travel writer adding something more personal into their post than an average dry travel article. Keep it up! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. meticulousmick

    Thanks so much for following my blog which I have only just started – haven’t even completed the about page yet.Bit of an oversight. Keep on travelling, it does wonders for the soul, but then you already know that.


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