Swimming With Dolphins In Zanzibar

A dolphin leaps out of the water in the Indian...

A dolphin leaps out of the water in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would you like to swim with dolphins in the Indian Ocean? I can tell you that I certainly enjoyed it when I had the opportunity to do so in July of 2011. It was a truly wondrous feeling! We were taken out about a mile or so beyond the reef and were positioned so that the dolphin pods swam right through our group of small craft.

Its an amazing feeling! Once you’re out there, the boat skipper will say “get ready”. You all sit on one side of the boat. This sounds like a bad idea, and it is but, somehow, the boats manage to stay upright. As the groups appear on the horizon, he’ll yell “go!”. Thats exactly what you do. Into the water then.

What happens next, you’ll never forget. These lovely, intelligent creatures pass right between you and the next man, providing you with the most spiritual experience ever known to man. On their migration route too! I tell you, I came back with the biggest smile on my face. These happy souls show off as though they were in a fun park in the azure of the Indian Ocean.


Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins (Photo credit: Krister462)


It was a really special day. It is one that remains in your memory, not because you did something unique, but because you connect with mother nature in a way that is impossible to describe to anyone who hasn’t done it. They have the tamest natures and the happiest smiles on their faces. Smiles all around!

And you can buy a bracelet of a little wooden dolphin off the vendors that are around:)

16 thoughts on “Swimming With Dolphins In Zanzibar

  1. Baker Family

    You have a wonderful way of describing things. It’s almost like I’m walking in your footsteps and sharing the same experiences. I’m curious…how are you and your parents able to take so many trips together?

    Please continue to share your stories! I’m thrilled and fascinated with each new post.

  2. Ben F.

    I now might have to do this sometime! It would be awesome to swim with these amazing creatures! Though one main problem for me, I’m not the best swimmer and I don’t do well in deep water.

      1. Ben F.

        I know there are a few species that are relatively harmless to humans, hammerheads and nurse sharks for example. But if it’s a great white, probably not.

      1. Ketan

        i just realized that you’ve clearly mentioned zanzibar in the title of this post 🙂
        a well written post, i must say

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